Wygant Peak Hike

So I have been wanting to check out this trail ever since I heard TKO had cleaned it up. I last did this hike about 14 years ago and the trail was a mess then and I understand it had gotten worse. Back then I never made it to the summit as I lost the trail in the over growth and snow. A lot of it has been cleaned up and I could see the work TKO put into it. The unfortunate part is the old bridge has been washed out and that could make the steam crossing hard to do in the winter. The trail is rated at about 9.5 miles and 2400 gain but it is a leg burner especially the last set of switch backs. You do get a few views on the trail but it is mostly a walk in the woods. And they are not kidding about the ticks as I manage to pick one up. I did see that the survey sticks were in for planning the restoration of the last section of the old Columbia Gorge Highway.