Wahtum Lake and PCT Hike

We got out Sunday for a hike starting at Wahtum Lake and doing a section of the PCT. This was an exploratory hike doing a new trail. The first challenge was trying to remember how to get to Wahtum Lake. Thank to goole map we worked that out. We got on the trail with cool wet weather but with a forecast that it was to clear up later. It never did. We tried a short cut route and found we needed to cross wet loose logs and decide to save that for another day. So just stuck to the PCT and headed off hoping to get to Benson Plateau and into the Gorge fire burn area. We started down the ridge to Benson and we were stuck in the clouds and they were getting thicker and wetter. After hiking a ways through the burn area with no view and getting wetter we decide to save the rest of this trail for another day. So we head back to go get a beer at Solera. We got 9 miles in and 1200 feet gain and learned a few thing.