Wahkeena to Devils Rest

I got out for a short solo hike up the Wahkeena Trail then the Devils Rest Trail to Devils Rest. I made a loop out of it by taking Primrose to trail 400 then back down Wahkeena. I left the trailhead at 7 am and was back to my car by 11 am. This was a hike that the conditioning group was supposed to have done a month ago. We had someone report that the trailhead was closed so we changed our plans. Part of the reason for me doing this hike was to check the trail condition. I had not been up the Wahkeena Trail in many years. I had forgotten how beautiful it is. The trail goes up a narrow canyon and right next to the creek. Perfect for photographing. Coming down the trail I ran into plenty of folks with cameras making their way up. It was a lovely hike but to short to get much of a workout.