Wahclalla Falls & HWY 30 Trails

This time out Lori and I did two short hikes in the Gorge on trails that just opened. The first was Wahclella Falls Trail that just reopened after the Gorge fire. This trail is now an out and back as the upper trail that made this a lollipop loop is still close. This hike takes you up a deep cannon to a beautiful water fall. We started off this hike in rain gear but the weather improved and we finished with out our rain jackets.

The second hike was waking a new section of the old Columbia River Gorge highway that has reopened as a biker/walker trail. This new section of brings back old Hwy 30 was an expensive one needing a new viaduct and blasting away a cliff face. We have been watching the progress on this project for many months and were excite to check out the finished trail. This restoration did a lot to keep the sprite of the original highway while tackling some tricky engineering challenges. Only one more section of road needs to be completed to allow for a biker/walker trail from Troutdale to The Dallas but it will the most expensive so far.

Wahclalla Falls Trail

Columbia River Gorge Highway State Trail