Vashon Island & Gig Harbor Outing

This time Lori, Jeanette and I were out for an exploratory outing to Vashon Island Washington. It was a long drive but a good road trip for a wet day. We drove up to Tacoma and got the ferry to Vashon Island. A short but nice ferry ride to the island. We proceeded to visit a light house and some landmarks and had lunch at Camp Colvos Brewing. From there is was another ferry boat ride and a drive down to explore Gig Harbor. Gig Harbor had free parking, clean and tidy harbor area, no boarded up window from having them broken out, no homeless people with their tents blocking the sidewalks, no panhandlers, no mental person blocking your way wanting to kill you, public bathrooms that were open, parks and docks in good repair and open to the public, so a rather surreal difference from Portland. A nice surprise was stumbling upon Crescent Creek Park that had an incredible carve wooden statue. It was the last place we visited and a good way to end our journey.