Tilley Jane – Cooper Spur Hike

Today’s hike was our longest. We were on the trail for 9 ¾ hours. We first hiked up the Tilley Jane trail to Tilley Jane Camp. This section took us through the Gnarl Ridge Burn. After taking a break at Tilley Jane Camp we hiked a connector trail up to Timberline Tail. From there we started hiking the Cooper Spur trail. We just went up it a little ways to the shelter and had lunch. We had been moving slow all day because of heat and humidity. After lunch we still had another hour before our turn around time so we tried to see how far up the Cooper Spur trail we could get. Our turn around time came and we headed back down to Cloud Cap. Cloud Cap give us a chance get water and to see the historic Cloud Cap Inn. Then it was back over to Tilley Jane and back to the trailhead. It was a full day of hiking on Mt. Hood.