Road Trip Maupin

I have been having a foot problem so no hiking this Sunday. Lori and I opted do a road trip instead. We headed to the east side of the Cascades to see if we could see some Fall color in the passes and to get to some places we seldom go. We went the up to Government camp and did a little side trip down to see Still Creep Campground. We then headed on down the road to Trillion Lake to get a photo. You now have to pay $5 to stop and take a picture of it. A concessionaire was waiting at the parking pull out to take our $5. From there we headed on over to Maupin. I had not been Maupin in many years and it was interesting how the place had reinvented itself to be a tourist white water rafting and fly fishing destination.

After getting a late breakfast in Maupin we headed up to White River Falls State Park. We visited here two years ago but with my bad foot we could not get down to the old power house this time. From here we drove down to Sherars Bridge. We found all of the land around it was now posted as tribal land and would could pull into to a pull off and stop to take a picture without paying a $10 day use fee. So I did some photos on the fly and with no traffic just stopped in the road to photo. From here we headed back to Portland but we did do a few more stops on the way.

One of our stops on the way back was at Rock Creek Reservoir. It was bone dry but the sign as we drove in to look at it said that we had to pay $5 to do that. The same concessionaire run this place as Timothy Lake. In this case no one was around so we looked for free. From here we enjoy great fall color driving up to Hwy 35. Coming back on 35 we stopped at the Pioneer Mother Grave and the “once was” campground. Our last stop was at Little ZigZag Fall. So overall it was a good road trip and we found out that public lands are not free to the public any more.