Trip to the Dallas Area

What started out to be a hike turned into a road trip as the weather kept turning. We thought it would be a wash out for a hike but we thought we would give it a try. We were heading for the Crawford Ranch. On the way we caught a break from the rain and thought we would check out how the flowers were doing a Memaloose and see if Lyle was a sand bar from the Missoula Floods. That required a slop at Rowena view point. The weather was holding so we decide to head over for the hike.

We got to Crawford Ranch and got gear up to to go. We head out with clouds but no rain. We got less then a quarter mile and of course a heavy rain started. We decide we were not up for a wet, muddy hike so we turned around and went for a plan B.

Road Trip – free of our notion of hiking – now the road trip could begin. We first went down to Horsethief State Park and did the Temani Pesh-wa Trail. So that means we drove down and looked at the petroglyphs. From here we headed east and went pass where Cellio Falls were. Then it was on to Maryhill Winery for a wine tasting. All the way we kept commented on green everything was.

Maryhill Museum – Did a long stop at Maryhill Museum. I had not been here in a couple of decades and a lot had changed. A whole new wing had been added. They are of course are known for their collection of Rodin pieces but I was more impressed by there collections of North American native items and an interesting collection of fine hand made chess sets.

We finally finished with a late lunch at the Bargeway Pub in The Dallas. They had a great tap list that was more to my liking then the wine we tried earlier. Then a drive home through the rain.