Bald Butte and Tamanawas Falls

With an uncertain weather forecast we headed to the East side of Mt. Hood. The rain shadow effect worked for us and we only had a few sprinkle during the day. We had decide if we were going do Bald Butte for the wildflowers we had to do it on this outing or we would miss any fully blooming flowers. This was our first time to do Bald Butte on the short route but we had to park under the power lines whitch was not Jeanette’s favorite. The hike fallows a rocky and at time steep service road up to where the old lookout tower was on Bald Butte. We did find some patches of flowers still in good bloom but many others had already been spent. The route also gives great views of Mt. Hood and Hood River Valley.

The hike did not take long to do so we decide do another short hike – Tamanawas Falls. Lori and I have done this trail before but it was a first for Jeanette. It is a very popular trail so we went from seeing no one to dodging folks on a busy trail. It is a short but beautiful hike with lots to see along the trail and finishing at a very nice waterfall.

After the hike it was time grub. The ladies enjoyed Riverside Grill in the Dallas so much last time we should drive the extra miles to go there again. Their beer and cheese frys were great and they went fast.