Surveyor’s Ridge Hike

It had been raining heavily the last few days on the west side so we headed to the east side to avoid the rain. We did short exploratory hikes on North Section Line Trail and Surveyor’s Ridge Trail. After parking at the trailhead for Surveyor’s Ridge we did a short walk up the road to the trailhead for North Section Line. We hiked a short ways down this trail to see if it was still viable and being maintain. After find it still had a tread to follow we headed back to Surveyor’s Ridge. On Surveyor’s Ridge we moved slowly with flowers, geology and views that stopped us every few yards. After taking several hours to cover only a mile and half we turned around and headed back to the car. I need to get back up there in a couple of weeks when the wild flowers should be in full bloom and do a lot more explore.

After the hike we took a scenic drive on FR 44 into Dufur. From there it was into the Dallas to the Rivertap for food and drink. We almost got stopped on our way home by an accident on I-84 where a truck was on fire but we manage to slip by with out incident.