Mt. Rainier National Park Day 2

On the second day we woke and we were in the clouds. The nice weather from the day before was gone and we got our rain gear ready. We had breakfast at the Inn before heading over to Sunrise. Our objective on this trip was to get over to Sunrise and check it out. We figured we would have no views of Rainier but we could still get an introduction to the Sunrise area. The driving distance to Sunrise is not that far but the twisty road made it slow going. By the time we got there the cloud ceiling was starting to lift a little. We first checked out visitors center and then we got geared up for a hike. We scrapped the plan of doing a high trail to see Rainier and went with a shorter low route. We did Sourdough Ridge trail to Frozen Lake. We ended up lucking out had no rain. But real highlight of the hike was to have black fox walk up to us on the trail.

After a nice little hike we decide to see if we could pick up a visit to another visitors center. So we went down to see the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center. It was a small center with a little info and two rangers who were happy to see someone. They were very happy to answer any questions we might have. We finish up with the visitor center at Paradise. So a hike and three visitor centers in one day.