Sisi Butte Campout

We went out this weekend to do a campout and a hike of Sisi butte. I had a desire to return to the place I watched the total eclipse last year and we want to do trail backpack campout. So we restricted what we took to what we might fit in a pack for a backpack with a couple of exception like chairs. We set up camp and then headed up to Sisi Butte for a look around. This time I could get up on the lookout tower and had a great view. We returned to camp and made dinner.

So around this time I went down to check out where creek would run but was now mostly dried up. I found tracks of a small cougar. So at that point Lori had a change of mind about sleeping in her tent (some people just big cat people). So she retreat to sleep in the car. I turned in and watched the mosquitos collect on the outside my tent. At some point during the night I woke shivering. I started adding layers and pretty soon had almost everything I brought on and was still cold. I mange to make it through an uncomfortable night and at day break I was out of my tent waking up and down the road to get warm. Lori also had a cold night. The forecast was for night-time temperatures of mid forties. When Lori checked temp on the car sensor it was 30 and I found a little ice in the water bottle. We brought gear for mid forties and not freezing!

So we decide the fun factor was gone and instead of trying to do breakfast at camp as planned we would bail and head down and find a breakfast place at Detroit Lake. So we tossed everything in the back of the car, cranked the car heater to full and head off for hot coffee and a real breakfast.