Silcox Hut, Mt. Hood

Silcox Hut on Mt. Hood was a bucket list item for Lori and I had not been up in that area for years so that was our hike. So this is a short hike of a few miles and about 1000 ft. gain. The catch is your going from 6000 ft. to 7000 ft. and the air gets thin up there. We had a beautiful day for this hike and this historic building is always a pleasure to see. My in tension was for us to hike back down but found I got highjack and pulled onto the ski lift to go down. Unprepared for what was to come and with only an edge of the seat to sit on it was a very uncomfortable ride down. But when these ladies decide it is time to go to lunch nothing gets in their way. We had a nice lunch seated outdoors at the Smoky Hearth.