Astoria-A hike & Explore

Lori and I went over to Astoria in very uncertain weather. Actually is was 80% curtain of shower but we were hoping we might catch that 20% break in the rain to get a short hike in. As luck would have it we ended up with dryer weather then forecast. We took advantage of it and got in an exploratory hike at Lewis and Clark National Historical Site. Along with the visitor center and the reconstructed Fort Clatsop the park has an extensive trail system including the Fort to the Sea Trail. We a 3.7 mile hike that the ranger at the visitor center assured us was lovely. He was right. When we finished it was time for lunch.

Our next exploratory was at Pier 39. This pier had been large fish cannery that has now been repurposed. We did lunch on the pier at Rogue Public House. After pizza and beer we set out to explore the pier. They are trying to break the large space up into smaller offices, Stores and eateries. In the center they have set up a little museum telling the story of the history of the cannery. By the time we finished looking around it was time to head home.