Mt. Rainier – Paradise

We went up to Mt. Rainier National Park on Sunday to do an exploratory hike of Paradise. We left Lori’s house early with the hope of getting a good parking spots at the Paradise parking lot. We started with a low ceiling of clouds and quickly got into a fog. I was afraid we might be in a fog for the whole day but we had 20 minute clearing where we could see Mt. Rainier and route up to Camp Muir. We had started up the Skyline trail and had just started on the Pebble Creek trail when we had the clearing. By the time we were ready to cross Pebble Creek visibility had dropped to 20 ft. and stayed that way. Seeing the climbers coming and going I decide we did not have the gear to go any higher so we dropped back down to the Skyline trail and did the loop back around to the parking lot. We did had a good exploratory hike of Paradise but did not see the Mt. Rainier the rest of the day.