I-5 & I- 205 Bridge Lope Ride

I got out early this morning for a ride I have been wanting do for a couple of months but needed a quite Sunday morning to do it. This ride follows my standard route to get to Marine Drive but I have been stop from going further to the levy bike trail do to traffic. Leaving my house at half past six got me to the busy section of Marine Drive when there be no car traffic but I did have to ride through a drug deal going down to get to the single track trail I needed to get to. So there was some trafficking going on just no cars.

After that point it was new trail for me to explore and enjoy. I rode to Marine levy trail to the I-205 bridge and rode across the Columbia River. On the Washington side I connect with the Old Evergreen Parkway and took it to the Vancouver Renaissance Trial. This got me back on a familiar trail and I rode it to the I-5 bridge. Once back across the Colombia River I got on the Marine Levy Trail and took it to Kelly Point Park. From there rode a standard route back to my house. So 36 mile in 3 ½ hours. Overall a beautiful ride for a Sunday morning.