PCT to Indian Race Track

We knew it was going to be a wet day and in spite of Lori’s idea of heading east to find a dry place to hike, I was set on taking another trip into Indian Heaven Wilderness. So this time we came in from the south on the PCT and headed for Indian Race Track. On our drive to the trail head we added in a visit to Panther Creek Falls. We had never visited it before so like our route into Indian Heaven it was an exploratory.

We ended up parking the car a Crest Camp and headed North on the PCT. We would end up with a light rain all day and this would give us a chance to test how water proof our Gotex was. This is mostly a walk in the woods and today it was a wet trail. After drying out this summer the creeks were starting to flow again the trail was turning into linear lakes in places. So it proved to be a short day with just an out and back to Indian Race Track and finding our Gortex and boots were not very proof. Fortunately was also a pretty warm day so we stayed comfortable. This much rain pretty well put an end to pleasant hiking in Indian Heaven for another year and it turns back into swamp now. Round trip was 8 miles and about 900 ft. elevation gain.