Road Trip to the Coast

Lori and I did a Road Trip to the Oregon coast visit old and new Places. We started out at the Newport Waterfront. I could not remember how many years it had been since I was there but it use to be a regular travel destination for me when I lived in Eugene. It was fun to see what had changed and what was the same. Next we headed across the bridge to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium a place I had never been to before. Next was lunch at Rogue Brewery where enjoyed very unhealthy food. From there we needed to get heading back up the coast on Highway 101. But first a little detour to drive by the old light house and Nye Beach to see what had changed.

We stopped at a few view spot and a short visit to the Market Place at Shalishan before arriving at our final stop, the Tillamook Cheese Visitor Center. We had not seen the new visitor Center and had fun checking it out. Then it was time to get back home.