Indian Heaven – Placid Lake Hike

So I figured one last hike into Indian Heave this season. This time I did the hike with Lori and Dinah. The two of them had never been to Indian Heaven and so I took them out for the guide tour of my backyard. We did the standard route in by way of Placid Lake Trail head and following the abandon trail 29 all the way to Junction Lake. From there we did the Lemei Lake trail to the cut off trail pass Clear Lake. I had I not done this trail for many years and did not remember a lot about. It was a chance to appreciate this route now with more experience eyes. We proceeded with our return route by way of the PCT to Elk Lake and connecting on to the abandon Cascade Crest trail. As the sun was hanging low in the sky we returned to the car by way of Trail 29.

We had good weather for this late in the season. The Fall color was mostly gone. Heavy rains that had occurred a few days before so we found some water in the creeks and some small sections of trail turned to streams. The lake levels remain incredibly low and lots of mushrooms were out. With all of trail distance we did and exploring off trail we were out for over eight hours.