Indian Heaven – Off Trail

Out for another trip into Indian Heaven. Usual entry point at Placid Lake. Surprise at the trail head finding out bow hunting season had started. Had to dig out bright orange to hang on my pack. This time in I tried to do an off trail to find a route between Lake of the Ancestors and Eunice Lake. I started following game trails and got thrown off route pretty quick. I ended up turning south to pick up the Thomas Lake trail just a couple of glens short of my planned destination. Finished up my off trail with doing a route from the CC trail to Ranger Lake. So I will need to work on improving that route before taking others on it.

Otherwise a good day of exploring. Fall was in the air when left the trail head but sun came out in the afternoon. Still berries on the bushes but fall colors are setting in. A few more weeks and the berries will be gone the berry bushes will be in full fall colors. Hopefully I can get back to enjoy the fall in Indian Heaven.