White River Fall State Park

Last Sunday Lori and I got out for more of a road trip then much of a hike. We ventured over to the east side of the cascades to get out of the rain and explore a new area. Our destination was White River Fall State Park. Long drive but it proved worth it.

I had long wonder where the White River went. We know the start of the river from White River Glacier on Mt. Hood. I had to cross the river on hikes and have snow shoe on it in the winter but I did not know where it went. All of the other rivers coming off of Mt. Hood take pretty direct and westerly routes to the Columbia River. Form Mt. Hood the White River goes south and is gone. So this was a chance to find its route to the Columbia River.

The Falls were reported to be quite nice and there was a bit of Oregon History tied to it with an early electrical power generation plant. It all turn out quit grand and dry and was well worth the trip.