Drive FR17 and FR44

This Sunday was a drive and explore day. I have been checking the maps and field guides for trails and hikes on the East side of Mt. Hood Forest. I needed to get on the ground and see what it looked like and try to see how it connects. Or before I did not even know what I didn’t know now I have a better idea of what I don’t know. I also wanted to check on the trailhead for Bald Butte, an upcoming flower hike. Also check the snow level and take a look at a lava flow off of Mt. Hood. I did find some manzanita blooming already. So just some poking around.

I mainly follow FR17 to where it met up with FR 44 and did some side road off of 44 until the snow got to much. I did manage to find some nice campsites that I will have to try out. I also found out that all of the Forest Service trail have become MTB trails that is often not compatible with hiking. I finished up with checking the the lava flow and it was pretty good size. After that I headed home to start doing more research and planning.