Dog Mt. New Years Day

New Year day was forecast with the first dry weather that we have had for a while so I decide to do a hike to test where I was at on my conditioning. I went for the classic conditioning hike up Dog Mt. in the Gorge. I mostly wanted to see if I could get to the top and to get out for a solo hike. The day was cloudy at the bottom of the Mt. but sunny at the top. By time I was back down it was sunny everywhere. I found snow, ice and mud on the trail. I was glad I brought my mico spikes and used them on the top section of the trail. I did a slow steady up hill pace at 1.5 mph and took time to enjoy views and to talk to folks on the trail. My GPS had me at about 4 ¾ hours moving time, an hour of stop time (mostly talking), 7 ½ miles distance and 2860 feet elevation gain. I did make the summit and finished with tired legs and a soar knee. More conditioning is needed.