Tillamock Coast Trip

Another day promising sheets of rain and it did not disappoint. We headed out for a road trip doing the Hwy 6 and 26 loop. We did bring our hiking gear just in case but ever time we got outdoors it rained. The first part of our route took us by the popular trail heads of Elk and King Mt. No cars in the lots today. Our first stop was at the old Smith Homestead. From there we visited the Tillamock Forest Center. A great place to learn about the Tillamock Burn and the development of modern forest fire fighting techniques. Next was Tillamock Cheese Factory to sample some cheese and have a cup of ice cream. Becky likes how we always have desert before we stop for real food. We headed up the coast highway to enjoy a cloudy, rainy view and final got to Camp 18. This place is like a museum of logging and has great food. Then it was home again