Hardy Ridge Hike

I got out for a hike of Hardy Ridge to Phlox Point today. This is in Beacon Rock State Park. With most of trails in the Gorge close on the Oregon side I am exploring trails on the Washington side. I last did this hike about 12 years ago. This trail has change a lot in that time. For one it is now a loop trail. I remember having to crash down the ridge’s west side through the brush as there was no trail. Back then there were no signs pointing the way either. Old Jim the Irish Man guide us as few folks knew of this route. We also did not have snow. I got into about four inches of sloppy snow as I got up to Phlox Point that made the route very slippery. So I figure this is about a B level hike and took me four and half hours to do. Not many folks around in the morning but a number of them in the afternoon.