Seaside Outing

Lori, Jeanette and I were off for an outing on the coast where we met up with Sylvia. We had plan on walking the beach from Tillamook Head to the river. It had been a very low tide so we found things like a dead whale carcass and a cluster of dead crabs. After a short while the wind blown sand proved to much so we went to plan B and headed up to main street Seaside. We only went a block and came across a Brewpub in an old movie theater. The place prove to be just to interesting so we did lunch there. After lunch we headed back down the promenade to picture rock beach. This is a place where folks have brought a rock with a painted massage or remembrance on it to add to the collection. It is always changing so always interesting to see what folks have left.

We finished our walk and got back to the house to sample some beers and have some snacks. While out on the deck we had an eagle soar above us but decide not to join us. After a great day out it was time to head home.