Scouting Hike Mt. Hood August 25, 2013

The last Scouting hike for RTM. This time I needed to check the stream crossing on the Sandy River and washout area on the Muddy Forks section of the Timberline Trail. I started from the Ramona Fall parking lot and took the Ramona Fall trail to the PCT. I followed the PCT to the Sandy River and found there was no bridge in this year. I then backtracked and continued on to Ramona Fall. From here I did the loop following the Timberline Trail to Muddy Forks and then on to Bald Mt. From Bald Mt. I took the PCT back to the Ramona Fall trail and eventually back to the parking lot. It was a gray wet day and at one point I got soaked to the skin. Just a reminder that the fall rainy season will begin soon.