Portland West Hills Trail Walk

Lori and I stay in the city this Sunday and did a long walk. The main attraction on this walk was to see what was going on at the Opening of the Barbara Walker Crossing. This was a new foot bridge going over Burnside. We walked up with group to where the speeches were to be giving and then head on for out own walk. We did a series of trails that took us to a view point at OHSU. That little trek racked up 16 miles and 2300 ft. total elevation gain and took all day. On our route we ran across the Vietnam Memorial, the setting up of the annual mushroom show, a view of the area from Conceal Crest, the Marquam shelter, a mass casualty exercise, seeing the tram and an eagle, and more views of the city. We also came across Mazamas we knew and a gentleman who carved totem poles. All-of-the-while walking through Fall leaves on a sunny day. There is a lot you can see without even getting out of Portland.