Port Angeles Site Seeing

I was up to Port Angeles for Thanksgiving I got out to see some sites. It was a wet day and I had knee problems so no hiking into the Olympics on this trip. I did a walk down by the Port Angeles waterfront instead and found a new shoreline trail that was going in. The section that was finished was nice and I wandered over to parts they were still working on. I eventually made my way back over to the dock observation tower to check out view and watched the ferry come in. Next I dove out to Eddy Hook and check out the ocean side shoreline. I wanted to go back and look at the spot we had checked out 30 years ago to do a Scuba dive at. I still had some free time so I drove out to one of favorite lodges, Lake Crescent Lodge. I love wandering around this place and I have had breakfast here several times. It was a nice tourist kind of day.