Paradise Park Trail

I got out for a hike of Paradise Park Trail today. I need to get some exercise so I thought this trail would be a nice one for doing that. Also, I may not be able to one of my late season hikes on this trail this year as there is already snow at Paradise Park. I was squeezing this hike in between two weather fronts and had good sunshine most of the day. I just went up to Loop Trail this time to get my photo of Mt. Hood and did not venture any further. There were some good wind gust up there and I wanted to check out some other spots on my way back. I went down the Zig Zag Mt. Trail a ways to see what it was like. Also, bushwhack down to seep spring area and went up a ways on an abandon trail that had been blocked off. I did about 16 miles and 3000 ft. elevation gain in 6.5 hours.