Oswego Iron Heritage Trail

I had heard about this trail on a GSOC presentation a few days ago and wanted to check it out before taking other on it. For many, thinking about the Lake Oswego area being heavy industrial site would unimaginable but that was how the area got its begin. The first Iron making furnace on the west coasts was built here in 1866. Almost all traces of the operation is long gone except the large stone furnace remains. The trail follows the route of the Iron ore from the mines to the furnace although all that is left is signs telling you what once was here. The trail goes through three city parks and one state park and many wealthy neighborhoods. The trail route was longer then I hoped it would be at 10.5 miles and around 800 ft. total gain and took me a little under 5 hours to do. The bulk of the route was walking on pavement which is more bothersome for my old knees these days.