Opal Creek

Opal Creek is one of my catch up hikes. It is one that everyone I know has done but until last Sunday I had not. So Lori and I set out for an exploratory hike of Opal Creek and Jawbones Flat. The forecast promise to be wet and that promise was kept. But in Oregon if you do not come back soaked to the skin then it is really not that rainy of a day. So we found the hiking condition not that bad but wore Gortex all day.

The first part of the hike was walking on the access road to Jawbones Flat. This was an old mining camp that has become an ancient forest supporter retreat camp. It was interesting to see how they had taken the machinery of destruction of nature and had gathered it up on spots to rust away and be swallowed up by the returning forest. After spending to much time enjoying this gallery of our past we finally go on a trail. We hiked a ways up one trail but got to our turn around time before we got the end of the trail. I have seen many photos of the beautiful clear pools of Opal Creek but all was saw was a raging river with powerful waterfalls. So a long diver, short hike but an interesting experience.