Olympic Peninsula Loop Day 1

So this is day one on Lori and mine trip around the Olympic Peninsula. On this day I needed to take care of some family business in Port Angeles so it was mostly a straight dive from Portland to there. But Lori has a favorite nursery on the way so we stopped in at Whitney Gardens & Nursery so she could show me the place. It is located in an out of way place along Hoods Canal. I was surprise at the size of the operation for such a remote place. After getting to Port Angeles and taking care of family matters we were free to start our adventure. First up was a little walk along the water front and getting some lunch. We happened into Coyote BBQ where I had the best nachos ever. From there we headed up to Hurricane Ridge for some sight seeing and a little hike on some of the many trails in the area. We had great weather for our walk and exploring up there. We then headed back down and checked into our motel and finished up the day with pizza and beer back down at the water front.