Old Salmon River Trail Hike

We did the Old Salmon River Trail for out weekly hike. This is one of my fill in hikes. I had not done this hike before but everyone else has. It is a short easy hike but packs a lot of beauty. For every step we took to walk down the trail we took two to look at something of interest. We all agreed we caught the trail at the right time. It was a drippy morning with soft lighting. This set off all of the fresh green of the moss and new growth on the plants and trees. The river was running high and the at spot trail goes right along the rivers edge. Plus this place has some of the monster old growth trees left where you get a soar neck looking up at how tall they are. So a less the six mile trail that should take less then two hour to hike took us four and half hour to do and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Our tradition is to go for beer and some food after our hike. All of the counties around this area have be put on extremely high status for the virus. So it gets hard to find a place to go. We ended up looping around Hood and heading back to Thunder Island Brewery in the Gorge for some good food and beer and outdoor dinning with at view.