Nick Eaton Trail

The start of Nick Eaton is a steep trail up to the Ridge and I was in need of an elevation gaining work out. I Started at Herman Creek Trail Head and followed that trail to the start of Nick Eaton. I have done this trail a number of time normally taking the cut off trail to Indian Point. I had forgotten how steep this trail was but was reminded why we use it for training hikes. This trail goes through areas that were part of the Columbia River Gorge Fire. I went up to a little summit point at 3153 ft. and then headed on to take the Deadwood Trail and down to the the Gordon Creek trail. Finally taking this trail back to Herman Creek trail and to the parking lot. It was 9.9 miles and 3250 ft. elevation gain and over 5 1/2 hours on the trail. The more remote trails were in really bad shape. Soon it we be like bushwhacking doing these trails.