Nesmith Point

I needed to get out and get a conditioning hike in so I turned to my standard, Nesmith Point Trail. This trail is a little under 10 miles round trip with a nice 3800 feet gain. It is also a bit ratty so tests your balance and keeps you focused. I had only one fall just before getting to the lower trail. The weather was forecast for worse than it was. I started out dry, then had couple hours of light rain but finish with no rain and heavy overcast. I was on the trail at 7:15 and finished up at 12:30. It took me two-hour and 52 minutes to make the summit so about 12 minutes off my normal time but still a good workout. The day was dark and gray and I had very little light for photographing. The one part on the hike that was interesting was the ghost leaves on the upper trail. Maple leaves that had fallen had only their structural framework left. They hung on twigs and lower story plants like little handkerchief ghost. They accompanied me from Corky’s Corner to the summit. Only saw four other people all day on the upper trail.