Nesmith Point Hike

I did a conditioning hike on Nesmith Point Trail today. The first thing I have to say is Wow. This is for the outstanding job trail crews have done on logging out, brushing out and restoring the trail. This trail has really deteriorated over the past several years. It wasn’t to abandon trail status yet but was heading that way. The work that was done has reverse all of that and makes it look like a Forrest Service trail again.

So I left the parking lot around 8 am. Did not see anyone on the way up and passed a few folks on the way down. Was able to do my normal 2 hours and 40 minutes to get to Nesmith Point which was in a cold fog and drizzle when I got there. This is may go to conditioning hike trail. It is not known for its scenic beauty (it does have some nice places) but gives a lot of up for a trail close to town. Total distance about ten mile, elevation gain 3800 ft, time on trail five and half hours.