Milo McIver State Park

Sunday outing was just a walk in the Park. Lori and I went out to Milo McIver State Park to check out the place and to see if we could find the trail work that Audrey worked on. We did a lollipop loop around the park and got a feel for what was there and the type of trails they had. We ended up doing about 9 miles and 450 ft. total gain. We managed to catch the fish hatchery right at feeding time and saw the pond boil with little smelts jumping to the surface. We did find the lack of trail signs made it confusing to know where we were going at times and took a couple of wrong turns. We were lucky the rain held off so we just had some sprinkles now and then. So overall this made for a good Fall hike. We finish off with a burger and beer at the colorful Timber Tavern in Boring.