Hist. Columbia River Hwy Bike Ride

I did a bike ride today of a section of the Historic Columbia River Hwy State Trail. I have been wanting to do this for years. With my knee restricting my walking but not my bike riding it was a perfect time do it. Great weather with sunshine, mild temperatures, and a nice breeze. I started in the middle of my ride at the parking lot at Tooth Rock. This route has a lot of history to it and Tooth Rock played a role in it. It was once use by river boat captains for navigating the Columbia. It is now covered with trees, most burned by the Gorge fire, so you can’t see it today. My plan was to first ride up to Cascade Locks then back to Tooth Rock. Then ride down to Yeon Park and back.

I have had questions about the routing of this trail for years and today they were all answered. My GPS had my distance at 14.5 miles so not a very long ride but with all of the stops to read signs and take photos it took me four hours. It was a marvelous day exploring but it was also sad to see how many of the trails I used to hike are still closed do to the Gorge Fire.