Glenn Otto Community Park and Beaver Creek Greenway

I ran across this hike a little while ago on the website and have been wanting to do it. I have had time to get out several times but in checking the weather for Troutdale the winds have been so bad I held off. Today I had time, no wind or rain so it was a go.

I have driven by Glenn Otto Park many time but never stop to see it. The upper part of the park has a well developed picnic area with covered shelters, meeting halls and a couple of barbeque areas. The lower part goes through the flood plan next to the Sandy River. The map showed this area with three established trails but it turned out to be a mass of crisscross users trails that you had to try and find your best route trough.

From the park it was a short walk past the now closed Bronze Pond to pick up the trail to Beaver Creek behind the Troutdale Historical Society site. The trail follows the Beaver Creek Greenway and showed sign of neglect. But I could see at on time a lot of work was put into building this trail and would have been very nice in its day. Currently both bridges are gone and one of the return trails has slide away. The county is aware of the issues but with backlog of trail work and lack of funding it may fall into abandon trail status soon.