Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

With heavy cloud cover we did rapid change of plans went to visit Fort Vancouver. I had been to the Fort a few weeks before but everything was closed and folks were everywhere chasing Pokemons. So today with Lori and Becky we were going to get into see places. We started with the Marshall house and got tour of the first floor. The upper floor is used by the two Washington Senators for offices. Form there we went to the main center and watch their 20 minute movie on the changing uses and mission of the Fort. We had started heading down to the recreated Hudson Bay Company Fort when the rain came and decide it was time for lunch. We went up to Grant House to have lunch in a historic Officer Row house. After lunch and with the rain stopped we got down to visit the recreated Fort. With rush hour traffic looming it was time to get over the bridge and back on the Oregon side of the river.