Forest Park Walk

So after several changes on where to go and with Lori having car trouble, Jeanette, Sylvia and I decided to just keep it close to home and do a short walk in Forest Park. It is nice to have a re-wilding forest just a few minutes drive away. We parked at Germantown Rd. and headed south on Wildwood Trail. After a couple of miles we headed down Springville Rd. and then headed back on Leaf Erickson. About 4.75 miles and 660 total elevation gain. We could see where the winter storms had done there damage but all had been cleaned already. Being Portland we were of course welcomed by a load of industrial waste dumped in the Leaf Erickson Parking lot, something that the Park Dept. should clean up but being Portland they will most likely call it a new outdoor work of Art and leave it. After our walk we head to the suburbs for lunch at the Bethany Public House.