Exploring New Place in the Gorge

This time Lori and I set out to check out some new places we just heard about or some places that were on a list that I had made last year. The sites were Wind River Arboretum, Dog Creek Falls, Little White Salmon Hatchery, and Spring Creek Hatchery

Wind River Arboretum

This is a site I had shyed away from when I made my list last year as it looked forgotten. I just had a FaceBook friend post that, as part of WTA, had done some trail work there. She had talked up restoration effort that was underway. Lori and I went to see what was going on. Work has been done and we were seeing a great potential for the place if the work continues.

Dog Creek Falls

Just ran across this on a map so we stopped to check it out.


Little White River National Fish Hatchery

Oldest continuous operating hatchery in the Northwest. This was on my list from last year but because of Covid it was closed. The visitor center was still closed but we could go in and look around. I will need to return sometime when the salmon are running and visitor center is open.

Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery

This was a Hatchery Lori had visited in 1957 as a child. Not much was going on there now as there run of salmon was done and eggs were in the hatchery. Visitor center was also closed but we both agreed we needed to return at a better time.

Backwoods Brewery

We finished our outing at Backwoods for beer and pizza. They set up a large tent next to there brewery with lots of spacing between tables and good air circulation. Perfect for a pandemic.