Devils Rest

Devils Rest by way of Angels Rest Hike

Devils Rest should not be this hard. I had not been out for hike in the woods for while and wanted to do something that was pretty quick and easy but still get some elevation gain. So I thought I have not done Devils Rest in a year it should be about right. I did not know at what elevation I would hit snow but I have done this hike in the snow before and it is not bad.

I started the hike early before the crowd would start to form. The first part of the hike up to Angels Rest was the usual. Standard trail, some mud, and a few folks on the trail. Right after Angels Rest I hit snow and did not see any one again until I got back to Angels Rest. The snow would build from an inch at the start to almost of foot by Devils Rest. What caught me by surprise was what bad shape the trail was in. With areas being brushed over and other spots with blow down, cutting through these areas added about an hour and half to my hike. Cutting out limbs in snowy conditions leaves one with cold wet hands and a few scratchs and punctures. Of course this area in the snow is beautiful but normally you can enjoy the beauty with out so much bushing out work.