Deschutes River Trail Hike

After several revision on where we might hike this Tuesday we decide to head East to the Deschutes River State Park and the Deschutes River Trail. The Deschutes River Trail is the old road that runs through the middle of this area but there are an array of side trails too. We ended up doing the Ferry Spring trail loop hike and put in about 5.5 miles and around 800 ft. total gain.

The forecast called for freezing temperatures and wind gust to 30 mph but we lucked out and had lots of sun, mild temperature and just a little wind. We were all happy with the varying trail and lots of scenic beauty. It is nice hiking this area at this time of years because we do not have to worry about rattlesnakes or ticks.

After the hike we stopped in at RiverTap in the Dallas for beers and grub.