Crown Z Trail

This was an exploratory ride of the Crown Z Trail coming out of Scappoose and finishing near Vernonia in the coastals. I was not sure how I would do on the uphill as almost everything I have been riding has been flat. This was also the first time to ride a trail that was mostly gravel. So I figured on just doing part of the trail and see what it was like. The part on the trail that was a surprise to me was a series of information panels that have been put up that talk about the geology and the history of the area. I of course had to stop at each one and read them. That slowed things down. They still have a number of panels still to complete. I think when they are all done this will make this trail a must do to take friends and family on.

I ended up having to push my bike up the last way to the first high point on the trail at Nehalen Divide Trailhead. While catching my breath a nice lady came by and we started chatting. She was a little worried about being attached by a cougar and since we have had two people kill by cougars in resent years it could not be ruled out. We decide to ride back together and had a lovely time on our return trip.