Columbia Gorge Visitor Center

This place was not on our original plan for the day but while huddling out of the rain under the eves at the bathrooms at Starvation Creek Rest Stop we figured we needed to kill an hour or two and let the storm front pass by. This place was on my list to revisit so I mentioned it. To my surprise everyone was up for it. So it was a quick visit to the Columbia Gorge Visitor Center in The Dallas.

The Center is two in one. It is both a federal interpret center for the Gorge and Wasco County Museum. When they built this place now more than ten years ago they spared no expense. It had top-notch displays with what was at the time the best technology. I was pleased to find that they had done some updating since I was last there and it still is one of the better places around. During the main season it is even better with reenators showing and telling the story of the Gorge. For us today it was a quick walk through and when the clouds cleared we were off for our hike.