City Ramble from Oregon Park

It was a questionable weather day so I stayed in town and did a little exploratory ramble rather than go wilderness. It is amazing in Portland how you walk an area find so many things new and interesting. The ramble was inspired after the difficulty I had trying to find a new brewpub. I realize this area was all new to me and I had to go back and explore. This area is trapped between Sandy Blvd. and the freeway and starts west of 28th. This area a few years ago was run down and maybe not safe to go into. It is a mixed light industrial and high density residential and it is transforming. Vintage apartments from the twenty’s are being restored back to their former glory. Old warehouses being re-purposed to small commercial spaces and residential. One end of this area, touched by early urban renewal, had old classic structures torn down and 60’s commercial eyesores replace them. I hope the rest of the buildings in this area will continue the journey to restoring them.