Around Mt. Hood

The theme for the day was to be flexible. Plan A was to hike up to Lookout Mt. After checking weather, Mt. Hood Forest Service for closers, County Sharif for Closers all looked good. When we got to FR4410 we fond a freshly posted sign saying the lookout Mt. Trails was closed. During fire season change can happen fast.

So we moved on to plan B that slide into plan C and ended in lets play it by ear. We ended up doing several short hikes at several places we enjoy visiting. We found the meadows lovely  when we did a short hike to Umbrella Falls. We went up to Timberline Lodge to do a short hike around it. We dropped down to Little  ZigZag Falls and I was happy to see all of the homeless encampments had been removed and it was safe to visit there again. We finished up with lunch at Smoky Hearth now our standard place to go.