Angles Rest Hike

So timing and weather workout for us to do a Wednesday hike. Several popular trails have just reopened in the Gorge so we decide to do Angles Rest. This was our first chance to get into an area that was actually burned by the Gorge fire last year. We found the burn damage was spotty and that regrowth from the summer had already covered much of it. In some spots the fire only affected the understory and had left the large trees with just blacken trunks. The weather was cold and windy so we stayed bundled up for the whole hike. As the afternoon sun warned the frozen trail it got quit muddy. Typical of what happens with new trail work. The fire did open up some better views of the Gorge and mountains. Because of very strong wind gust we choose not to go out to the view point on Angles Rest. We did about 4.4 miles and 1500 ft gain. After our hike we stopped in at the Ye Old Pub in Troutdale.